Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reason Number 19: Blog Renovation is No Longer Just for Pussies

Recently, I've missed putting words into space in a non-fictional setting.

I'm going to start posting recipes because, you know, I like them. And I try them often.

Also, fashion.

If this blog post is grammatically and/or sensically garbly, smashed, mushed, or otherwise not at all thought out, I apologize. While reading Charles Olson's "Mayan Letters" (to Robert Creeley) I stood up in the East Asian Studies Library and hit my head (very hard) against a concrete overhang.

CONCUSSION CENTRAL! Staring into a mirror at two different-sized pupils is unnerving. I remember my mom's big cardboard oversize font first aid (JUST IN CASE) book and being totally freaked out by the illustration of a girl with a fresh, hardcore concussion.

Have I mentioned my hatred of non-functional hats yet? Well, I hate them, and my hatred of them is part of my everyday existence in ways you wouldn't imagine (or if you do imagine I'll kiss you, right in the middle of your forehead!).

Also, for the record, I despise the ombre hair trend rampant on fashion blogs aplenty.

According to this aforementioned site that I usually agree with, it's at least worth pondering this 9/11 of hairstyles because, hey, it looks good on the runway (NO IT DOESN'T).

No. Just no. Go ahead and get yourself an ombre black-to grey cardigan! Or even a subtly ombre pair of ankle boots! Just. Don't. Make your hair like that.