Friday, July 2, 2010

Reason Number 1: Back to Basics

I feel that this blog has lost its original focus. Which doesn't matter all that much, as I don't consider any of this good writing, but more of just an outlet (OUTLET MALL!!!! Is it bad that every time I think "outlet" I think shopping even if someone is talking about a wall socket? Braving the back racks of Off 5th for surprises like Lanvin parachute pants or Miu Miu wooden platform sandals, most of which I never even buy because it's still out of my price range, in the face of mean Asian ladies from Duluth and carpet cleaner and air conditioning so intense it makes me feel like I have a sinus infection???). I'm just going to stop.

Pie equals creative output equals writing-inducive thoughts while making churning crusts so HELP?

I need to make a pie. There are a bunch of recipes I've found for summer pies. Strawberry rhubarb is what I've settled on.