Monday, February 18, 2008

Self-Mutitillation or: Reason Numero Uno, and yes I just said Numero Uno

After visiting the Cloisters for the second time (taking phone pictures of sinister-looking saints and primitive unicorn faces), I found a ridiculously awesome compendium of Medieval Beasts in the bookstore. I'm pretty sure if I don't buy it on, something horrible will happen to me. Like: I won't learn nearly enough about Medieval beasts.

I also decided to start a blog about the following things:
-WRITINGS of all kinds (mine)
-books I've read (love! hate! ambivalence!)
-gasp-worthy observations, possibly involving the most important matters: Whitney Houston, The Boer War, and/or Express for Men (no thanks!)
-how much I dislike blogs, my dislike being a manifestation of fear or otherwise (there are, of course, blogs I enjoy wholeheartedly, and I may discuss these at length another time)
-families (yuck! and by yuck I mean infesting restaurants nationwide!)
-learning to polish my nails without getting polish all over my fingers (perhaps the most difficult task of all)
-eating disorders (fashion!)
-food porn (recipes!)
-learning new things, which I've heard is always a good thing
-Bill O'Reilly's new cookbook!

All of this while shunning anything even remotely hinting at politics at all possible costs. Not because I don't care, but because others can and will do it better. And more power to them!

Sometimes, pictures will happen.

Sometimes, tears.

So many reasons. So many I could punch my fists through a wall and make a sandwich!


Ryan said...

Welcome!!!! BEE EFF TEE!

twelve.dollar.soup said...


Ryan said...

I love this idea about abstaining from political discussion. Adds balance.

I was thinking earlier, everyone says Obama is 1) fake, 2) inexperienced, 3) gonna lose, and I just don't agree. I think each election we scoff at who is more idealistic, and yet, what has pragmatism gotten us?

Answer: Aids.

Ok. That's all.

twelve.dollar.soup said...

Obama is 1) hot 2) sexy and 3) probably great at helping senior citizens understand Shakespearean sonnets. According to popular lore, he walks across the Atlantic Ocean with obelisks tied to his hands and love in his heart. Love for you, for me, and the whales in the sea.

I vote for the right not to vote, Nickelback being reason enough.

And let's be serious, nobody wants AIDS with their sausage biscuit.

Green Pidgin Flecktone said...

Behold, name change.

Classy Ass Action Suit said...

Or this name....

god...i'm wasting time...

David Everitt Howe said...

Not eating and fashion!! My favorites! OMG PROENZA SCHOULER!