Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reason Number 20: My cat is better than some

I can't believe it's been like two years, and I've only come up with twenty reasons not to kill my(your)(one)self.


-I accidentally took a three hour long nap and woke up with campfire throat and sweaty feet. I was wearing tights. And a rayon (ew! but no seriously it's awesome) dress. My special needs cat was curled in my fetal-position crook.
-As I noted on my sister-in-law's blog: I actually genuinely like Bud Light. Yet another reason why I'm not a yuppie, or a hipster for that matter. It's only been about two years (maybe even less) that I've enjoyed beer in any capacity, so I suppose you have to start small.
-Sometimes I feel like a horrible person because at every moment I'm looking around wondering how people put their outfits together. This is not always a judgmental thing but sometimes a curiosity thing.
-Default settings. What's yours?

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Half Cheek Seated said...

Bud Light is my favorite when it comes to mainstream beer, but it fails in comparison to darker, heavier ales! (and obvi ones that are more $ unfortunately, which is part of the bud's allure-convenience) When you come visit we will have a beer tasting...correction: *many tastings