Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reason Number 110: Self-Queery

Sometimes you have to motivate yourself to do certain things by doing the exact opposite. Pleasure reading, fiction writing feels laborious so in response I force-feed myself queer theory, which for some reason feels less taxing than prior theoretic pursuits. It's also somewhat better than cleaning behind the toilet, another delay tactic I employ in desperate situations.

Hocquenghem's "The Screwball Asses" is strangely engrossing and hilarious and rich with new and exciting information I'm probably misinterpreting like crazy, my reaction saying as much about me as it does about him or Noura Wedell, his translator. I AM THE OTHER and by that I mean in possession of vagina sinkhole object receptacle subject exogenic cumshot shitbucket bourgeois phallus receiver.

I've learned several words, and actually took the time to seek their definitions. Oh hi online dictionary revelry! "Unequivocal" is everywhere, all the time, and I always assume I know what it means though I never attempt to use it in conversation or otherwise, but now I know precisely. But I'm gonna make you work for it if you don't know already, which you probably do unless you're a dumbass ignoramus like me!

But even though I went to Brown and majored in English reading theory still makes me feel like I'm watching the Super Quartz Rose Bowl, and I don't think I'll ever understand Cybernetics, or the particular sentence structures theorists always seem to employ.

In other news, bodegas don't sell heavy cream or raisins, and I find this very off-putting.

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Ryan said...

I have to read that book...