Monday, January 17, 2011

Reason Number A: Soft Peaks

In spite of weather so foul I can't even formulate a scathing aside about it, and in spite of not being in possession of a stand mixer, I managed to create soft peaks with just an egg white, a whisk, and a green bowl. Not to mention monster hand and wrist strength, and epic determination. Pancakes are well worth grueling efforts. And these required cornmeal in addition to plain old flour, with grand textural consequences.

I'm beginning to wonder if a well-constructed, impeccably-fitted boot cut jean is not so bad. I tried on a pair while in Georgia, and they were bizarrely flattering, and I might even go so far as to say an exciting way to reinvigorate denim after years of ankle constraint. I did not buy these jeans, as I felt it would be impractical and perhaps too brash to do so at this time, but maybe in summer?

Too much Janet Jackson is never a bad thing, and I say this with absolute, empirical certainty.


X said...

lol to the bootcut jeans. I just bought a pair myself and it was strangely satisfying. It's been a bit of a relief, too, as skinny, tapered ankle-length jeans + flats do not work very well during winter.

Ryan said...

i think boot cuts are ok, i suppose. The APC Rescue jeans that I have are a source of love/hate, as you know. However, they are great in this weather, and they look good now that they're beat to shit.

X said...

Reason #294,835 I'm glad I don't live on the east coast anymore: fashion is important here, but it doesn't rule over all. Even in Baltimore I felt out of place and awkward if I wasn't dressed up in some sort of trend 24/7, and everyone around me always seemed to be over-doing it. It feels so good to wear clothing that was made for cold, rainy weather. I don't slub around by any means, but feel content and comfortable in Danskos (yep, I've got 'em--the Solstice though, not the horrid "Professional"), boot cuts and a long sweater coat.

(Come to think of it though, my problems with the east coast mostly came from internal personal issues--not from the actual city or state I was living in... though I think that played a small role in my discomfort. It's just so much easier to be me out here.)

twelve.dollar.soup said...

It's funny, I feel like it's easier to be me in New York, where no one really cares about how I dress or gives me a second glance. I've toned things down quite a bit over the years, but even things I find very conservative get me stares in Atlanta, which baffles me.

I love Danskos! They are the most comfortable shoes in the world. I wore mine out completely and never got a replacement, but I've been contemplating it. I also don't find them offensive style-wise, in any way.

Comfort pretty much always comes first for me. But comfort often includes leather and sequins.

I think people trying too hard to be "stylish" (whatever that means) are so much more of an eyesore than people who don't really give a fuck and sport their rain gear with ease.

Ryan bought me a Patagonia fleece which I wear way too often.

X said...

omg, I'm very surprised to hear you don't find Danskos offensive style-wise! I was almost embarrassed while buying them, but I wear them every single day. I love buffing the leather with the leather balm and watching the color/patina change with age and use. HA.

I've always felt ridiculously out of place dressing for comfort while in NYC. I guess it really is just all in my head.