Thursday, March 6, 2008

Reason Number 4: Really, really bad jokes

And not even like "What's the hardest thing about Rollerblading? 

Two nights ago, taking a break from reading my Medieval Bestiary (which is the best book ever, and I will discuss it at length in my next post), I decided to google "bad jokes."  After a really hard day of contemplation and being on hold while calling Spirit Airlines and realizing you can't speak Spanish anymore and rejection letter fears and mean stares from girls on the subway who hate the knee-high lace-up boots you bought at Camper last fall (just because they look like they're hard to take off at night, which is downright st00pid because they zip up the side),  all you really need are some racist, misogynistic, lawyer child molester priest jokes to make everything disappear, to make you feel like those girls on the subway were actually talking about how hot you look in your boots, and how you're the best writer/seamstress/singer-songwriter/Blue Man Group member in the world, etc.                 

While seeking bad jokes and concocting a turkey sausage/farfalle pasta combination, I came across this website, which is about as funny as Ray Romano's gallbladder.  I have no idea who made up this site, but they are obviously very bad at speaking English.

Here's an example of one of the "political jokes" on the site:
-Why do govern personnel from the minister have no right to look through the windows in the morning?
-Because they will have nothing else to do in the evening!

Here's one called "Intimate Place":
A couple goes to an intimate place.  She says to him:
"Do you want me do take my panties off or to spit out my gum?"

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