Friday, March 28, 2008

Reason Number 8: Floriduh

What a great vacation, though I don't think I'll be eating at Chili's again anytime soon.  Especially since everyone on their waitstaff is on meth and/or is infected with impetigo.

But whatevz, it's cool.  Their fajitas are better than some.

While we were waiting for our flight at Laguardia, some crazy with a kid asked us to watch his bag, which was large and plastic (as in: a jumbo-sized garbage bag) and full of burger king, diapers, and windbreakers.  I was so stunned that someone actually had the nerve to ask me the question no one dares ask at an airport because there are instructions against asking this question blaring from the loudspeakers every five seconds that I just nodded and hoped nothing would explode, or that if it did explode, it would be a small explosion, like a roman candle or a bottle rocket, pretty and unobtrusive, killing no one, providing only pleasure, like snacktime and freedom.

Anyways, I just got back and I have the final MFA rundown.

New School



I'm pretty okay with everything.  In fact, I'm more than okay.

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