Friday, December 31, 2010

Reason Number 8^2: Warmer Weather Than Previously Anticipated

Oh lord. Back in the city, which is slushier than I'd like, but at least the weather is warmer than it could be.

My black t shirt is coated in angora from my brand new sweater present, and my hearing is impaired from flying.

But naps are grand, and I will take one, along with a scone. Along with DayQuil. And potentially (!) a hot toddy if I can find some scotch in time.

New Year, New Sheets, and also I found a never-been-used memory stick in my closet in Georgia that I will use to transfer at least a few files to my new computer.

I also read a bunch of old, excruciatingly embarrassing letters I randomly found in the bowels of my desk, which probably hasn't been unlocked in seven years. I think, above most things, it's important to embrace whatever kind of lameness your past holds, never letting it keep you down, but also never letting yourself forget who you were, how much you've learned.

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