Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reason Number JESUS: People.

Today, I am annoyed by humans. Very. Also, I have a cold that makes me sneeze every ten seconds or so and makes my nose and eyes embarrassingly red. Nothing like a handful of wet tissues and perpetual snot dribble to make me feel repulsive.

I did find suede pants in my size for a billion percent off, and they're not too long, and the perfect buttery color and consistency. And also very warm.

In spite of my extraordinary perfectionism in high school and (parts of) college, I've never once protested a grade.

But in spite of it all there are sphinx kittens spreading their slithery paws and batting at tepid bathwater with intimidating speed.

And a whole new year to look forward to, preceded by a lame annoying night of partying in the presence of assholes. Or, in my case, hanging out by myself, or possibly watching male strippers prance on top of a bar with a dear dear friend. The things we do! Especially on ridiculous, terrible holidays of death.

I'm grateful, though. And I appreciate the perpetuity of nasal cleansing, calcium supplement ingestion, and, when I get around to it, exercise.

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